College Admissions Coaching


A college admissions coach assists with relieving the stress that all-too often occurs when undertaking the college application process. Dr. Matloff offers qualified, expert guidance in structured planning, decision-making, and execution within the context of a highly personalized, collegial relationship. Although Dr. Matloff also is seasoned in counseling teens for a variety of social, emotional, and/or behavioral concerns, coaching is different in its emphasis on collaborating as a team rather than diagnosing and/or looking for solutions for emotional concerns. The key is assisting the prospective college student to stay on track via superior planning and sustained, focused effort. Dr. Matloff is there to impart important information, help set goals/deadlines, counsel, motivate, and inspire. Aside from the focus on gaining entry into those colleges and/or universities that prove to be the best fit, Dr. Matloff also assists with exploring life options, expanding possibilities, and smoothly transitioning from home to greater independence in life.

As a licensed psychologist and nationally certified school psychologist, in addition to being able to competently review transcript and testing information, as an evaluator, Dr. Matloff also is able to administer and interpret psychological and psycho-educational assessments relative to individual learning needs. Depending on his or her individual assessment profile, Dr. Matloff is able to diagnose and target learning differences, as well as highlight any particular social, emotional, and/or behavioral needs that will help better establish the right match between the student and their college choice(s). Dr. Matloff also evaluates those students who already receive special education services and will continue to require accommodations in college, yet need updated testing in accordance with its particular requirements. Dr. Matloff is a licensed psychologist, trained and qualified to administer a variety of assessments in the following areas:

  • Intellectual Functioning (IQ testing)
  • Academic Achievement
  • Cognitive Processing (auditory and visual processing and reasoning, memory, and executive functioning that includes skills in attention, planning, and organization)
  • Emotional, Social, & Behavioral Functioning (behavior rating scales and projective testing)
  • Personality Inventory (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)
  • Vocational & Career Interest (Campbell Interest & Skill Survey)

In addition to a strong academic record, test scores, well-rounded profile of extracurricular pursuits, and recommendations, of critical importance in the application process is the college essay. Dr. Matloff will assist with essay development, proofread, and make sure that essays are well written, organized, and highlight the student’s unique essence. Dr. Matloff is the author of See You Tomorrow . . . Reclaiming the Beacon of Hope and has had publications in psychological journals and other periodicals. Dr. Matloff’s expertise in the writing process will lend a hand in helping to communicate with a clear voice and organized flow of thoughts and ideas, assuredly reaching the target audience. Help securing scholarships based on thoughtful, well-written essays and savvy selection of best-fit college alone, can net a family thousands of dollars in actual savings! In addition to essay development, Dr. Matloff offers guidance on high school courses, summer enrichment and/or volunteer pursuits, application reviews, recruiting commendable recommendations, making the most of campus visits, and interviewing techniques.

In an Initial Consultation with Dr. Matloff, he will help identify how best to begin preparing for the college admissions process. Dr. Matloff will develop a personalized Student Worksheet that will highlight the student’s academic and personal strengths, and serve as a foundation towards moving forward together as a team in determining the best route(s) to take. Information collected might include:

  • PSAT scores, SAT scores (if available), high school transcript
  • Involvement in extracurricular activities
  • Interpretations from a Student Questionnaire
  • Results from any psychological and/or psycho-educational testing
  • Results from an interest/personality inventory
  • Interpretations from a Parent Perspective Statement

At the end of the initial consultation, Dr. Matloff will compile an individualized plan of action based on the student’s needs and interests for your consideration. Dr. Matloff’s ultimate goal always is to work toward maximizing the student’s chances of gaining admittance to where it is the best fit, and maximizing his or her success and happiness.